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Corporate Partners Support Krannert

Howard Berkowitz chats with students at the student managed investment fund luncheonThe Krannert School of Management is producing top graduates receiving job offers from businesses and industries around the world. Corporations can position themselves with our students through cash gifts to the School, gifts-in-kind such as computers and software, research support, along with faculty and student support including internships. The corporate leaders of tomorrow are on our campus today and your gifts will help prepare them and connect them to your opportunities and needs.

A corporate partnership advances management education and:

  • connects closely with students, faculty, and industry thought leaders.
  • enjoys access to leading edge research.
  • gains visibility and brand awareness.
  • sponsors conferences and events

Corporate Partner Program

The School of Management assists our corporate partners in surpassing their unique recruitment goals. We view our partnerships as long-term relationships and take pride in the elite companies that return to hire our students year after year. The School of Management offers a Corporate Partnership Recognition Program that gives our companies different levels of opportunities for engagement.
More about the Corporate Partner Program

Herman Krannert"Every business organization is partly an educational institution. The main subject, which must be taught by the chief executive, is what you faculty people might call history - but, in industry, it is known as experience."
-Herman Krannert, Founder, Krannert School of Management, 1965 lecture