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Help Others, Help Yourself

Aravind Ramamoorthy

Aravind Ramamoorthy
MBA '12
Capital One

Little did Aravind Ramamoorthy know at the time what effect his consulting project would have on both himself and others.

Aravind, fellow student Mamta Dabral, and Professor Charlene Sullivan worked on a project for Mid-Land Meals through the Technical Assistance Program (TAP), which aims to advance Indiana economic prosperity, health, and quality of life. The trio worked with Mid-Land Meals, which delivers daily meals to young, elderly and disabled people in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties.

The Purdue team developed a business model outlining costs for bids on providing food service for other Indiana regions, specifically south of Indianapolis. As a result, in fall 2011 Mid-Land Meals expanded its reach, winning a bid to deliver services to the Columbus, Indiana, region.

The TAP project was Aravind’s second consulting experience at Purdue. He worked on social media strategies for a company through Purdue’s Experiential Learning Initiative during the summer after his first year. And the TAP team success turned more personal when he was able to utilize what he did on the project to help land a prime position.

“I interviewed for a job at Capital One, and there was a case involved in the recruiting process,” says Aravind, who earned his undergraduate degree at PSG College of Technology in India. “We looked at existing cost structures in the Mid-Land Meals project, and the case questions in the job interview required a similar approach.”

Aravind will graduate with a Purdue MBA in May and go to work for Capital One in Dallas as an operations analyst. He’ll look for inefficiencies and areas of needed improvement in company processes.

His Purdue background will serve him well in the new role. A software engineer and analyst at Verizon following his undergraduate education, Aravind is thankful for the rounded education he received at the Krannert School.

“I really didn’t know much about areas such as accounting, finance and marketing when I came to Purdue,” he says. “It was a good thing for me to have exposure to all of the business functions.

“I was also introduced to students from all over the world. Everyone brought a different perspective, and it was great to lose some of the wrong notions you might have about people from other parts of the world. I enjoyed getting to know my classmates and participating in events like CultureFest, which introduced us to performing arts and food from all over the world.”