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BA in Engineering & Krannert MBA in just 5 years

Diego Casanova

Diego Casanova
MBA ’13
AT Kearney

“Having a technical background and also a business education is essential these days,” says Diego Casanova. That’s why he decided to take advantage of Purdue’s 3+2 program, allowing him to earn a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a Krannert MBA in five years.

“From a personal standpoint, I don’t see myself coming back to school in seven years, or in five years. I thought from a cost perspective and an opportunity perspective it was the right decision,” Diego says. “It’s a great opportunity for career advancement and being an international student it gives me an edge when interviewing for a job in the U.S.”

The intensive program is not for everyone. “The most difficult time is when you transition in between,” Diego says. The fourth year of your bachelor’s program is the first year of the MBA program. “That’s when it gets tough.” But, he says, “If I would have to do this all again, I would.”

Diego, a native of Lima, Peru, completed an internship at Goldman Sachs. “I realized during that internship I wasn’t meant for industry. Consulting had always been at the top of my head. I decided not to go to the banking industry and focused on consulting.”

He credits Matthew Lynall, a clinical associate professor of management, with helping him prepare for a consulting career. Lynall was a senior partner with Ernst and Young before joining Krannert. “He gave me a good perspective on what to expect and how to prepare myself,” Diego says. “He actually gave me a book to read on how consulting firms work, which helped me understand strategy from the services industry perspective.”

Diego had an interest in the firm AT Kearney, and networked with another 3+2 program grad who worked there. He started practicing for case interviews. “I spent more time preparing for the interview than preparing for class.” He practiced every day, including weekends.

 “I had done my research in terms of why I wanted to work there, skills, etc,” Diego says. He interviewed with AT Kearney and made it to the second round. “It was a pretty intense, but that’s how I got it –  preparation. I actually think there are a lot of people who can do the job. They have to sense you really want it.”

As a new senior sourcing analyst at AT Kearney in Chicago, Diego will work in consulting for companies who want to change their sourcing strategies and how they select suppliers.