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Bettina Klose

Bettina Klose

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Economics, Purdue,
B.Sc. Mathematics, Economics, Bielefeld University


Dr. Bettina Klose holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University (2010) and B.Sc. in Mathematics (Honors) and Economics from Bielefeld University, Germany (2006). Before returning to her Alma Mater in 2018, she was a Chancellor's Fellow in Economics at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, and prior to that a Post-Doc at the University of Zurich, Center for Market Design in Switzerland.


Bettina's research and teaching interests are in the areas of Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Market Design, and Political Economy. Her research has focused on models of conflict.


Bettina currently teaches courses in Microeconomics and Mathematics for Economists.

Journal Articles

  • Klose, B. & Kovenock, D. (2015). The All-Pay Auction with Complete Information and Identity-Dependent Externalities. Economic Theory, vol. 59 (1), 1-19. | Related Website |
  • Klose, B. & Kovenock, D. (2015). Extremism Drives Out Moderation. Social Choice and Welfare, vol. 44 (4), 861-887. | Related Website |

Forthcoming Publications

  • Klose, B. & Schweinzer, P. (2019). Auctioning Risk: The All-Pay Auction under Mean-Variance Preferences. Economic Theory, | Download |
  • ECON 511 (Fall, Spring)
  • ECON 615 (Fall)

Phone: 43714

Area(s) of Expertise

microeconomic theory, game theory, industrial organization, political economy, experimental economics