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John Carlson

John Carlson

Professor Emeritus of Economics


Ph.D., Political Economy, Johns Hopkins University
B.S., Mathematics, Denison University, 1955

Professor Carlson has taught courses in monetary international economics and macroeconomics. His research interests include uses of economic survey data, influences on exchange rates, and firms' price-setting decisions. He has had visiting appointments at Cornell (1961-62); the Brookings Institution (1967-68); the University of Manchester (1971-72); University College, London (1980); University of Sydney (1987); and Victoria University of Wellington (1994).Among his publications are "A Study of Price Forecasts," Annals of Economic and Social Measurement (1977); "Discrete Equilibrium Price Dispersion" (with R.P. McAfee), Journal of Political Economy (1983); "Beyond the Lecture: Case Teaching and the Learning of Economic Theory" (with D. Schodt), Journal of Economic Education (1995); "Risk Aversion, Foreign Exchange Speculation and Gambler's Ruin,"  Economica (1998); "Rational Speculators and Exchange Rate Volatility" (with C.L. Osler), European Economic Review (2000); and "One Minute in the Life of the DM/$: Public News in an Electronic Market" (with M. Lo) Journal of International Money and Finance (forthcoming). Professor Carlson is a member of the American Economic Association and the International Economics and Finance Society. He has been with Krannert since 1962.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Carlson, J., & Valev, N. (2002). The Evolution of Expectations of Disinflation: The Case of Bulgaria. OECD, 371-386.
  • Carlson, J., & Buckle, R. (2000). Menu Cost, Firm Size and Price Rigidity: Evidence from Business Survey Data. Ashgate, 279-290.
  • Carlson, J. (1992). Economic Surveys and the Scientific Method. Ashgate Publishing Co.,
  • Carlson, J. (1990). Cross Section Evidence on Some Macroeconomic Hypotheses. Avebury, 105-123.


Area(s) of Expertise

Exchange rates, Macroeconomics, Pricing, Inflation, Economics