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Jessica Chapman

Jessica Chapman

Associate Director of Undergraduate & Alumni Services

Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Blackburn College and completed her graduate studies at Saint Mary-of-The-Woods College in Leadership Development with a focus in Not-for-Profit Leadership. Jessica has over eight years of career development experience in higher education. She provides personalized internship and career counseling for students, serves as an advisor for the School of Management Employers Forum and teaches a professional career management course. Jessica works with alumni and employers to organize a variety of events that help students learn about potential career paths and professional opportunities.

  • MGMT 295

    Alumni IMPACT: Redesigned course links students with professionals

    When Professional Career Management was most recently redesigned in 2017 to continue refining it from an upper-division course into one for freshmen and sophomores, one key goal was to restructure it under the IMPACT (Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation) model by incorporating more active and collaborative learning as well as other student-centered teaching and learning practices and technologies that foster student engagement and competence. For Krannert staffers and instructors, that meant involving alumni and professionals at multiple stages of the course.

    Full story: Alumni IMPACT: Redesigned course links students with professionals

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