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Brian Dineen

Brian Dineen

Associate Professor of Management
Organizational Behavior/Human Resources


Ph.D., Labor and Human Resources, The Ohio State University
MLHR, Labor and Human Resources, The Ohio State University
B.B.A., University of Notre Dame


Professor Dineen's research interests span issues related to recruitment, job search, and employee retention.  More specifically, he investigates factors that influence the quality of initial applicant pools in organizations, including recruitment message orientation and mass customization, as well as effort expenditure and resume fraud among job seekers.  He also studies employee retention issues that include Human Resource Management inducements and investments and third party employment branding. His research has been published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Resource Management Journal, Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology Review, and the Journal of Management. His most recent work is a result of two research grants from the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation. He has taught Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Negotiations courses to undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students. He is currently on the editorial boards of the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, and Human Resource Management Review.

Journal Articles

  • Dineen, B.R., Vandewalle, D., Noe, R.A., Wu, L., & Lockhart, D. (in press). (2017). Who cares about demands-abilities fit? Moderating Effects of goal orientation on recruitment and organizational entry outcomes.. To appear in Personnel Psychology, | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Duffy, M.K., Henle, C.A., & Lee, K. (2017). Green by comparison: Deviant and normative transmutations of job search envy in a temporal context. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 60 295-320. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., & Allen, D.G. (2016). Third party employment branding: Human capital inflows and outflows following 'Best Places to Work' certifications. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 59 90-112. | Download |
  • Lopez-Kidwell, V., Grosser, T., Dineen, B.R., & Borgatti, S. (2013). What matters when: A multi-stage model and empirical investigation of job search effort. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 57 (4), 1655-1678. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R. & Williamson, I.O. (2012). Screening-oriented recruitment messages: Antecedents and relationships with applicant pool quality. Human Resource Management, vol. 51 (3), 343-360. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Ling, J., & Soltis, S.M. (2011). Manager responses to internal transfer attempts: Managerial orientation, social capital, and perceived benefits as predictors of assisting, hindering, or refraining. Organizational Psychology Review, vol. 1 (4), 293-315. | Download |
  • Yao, E., Fang, R., Dineen, B.R., & Yao, X. (2009). Effects of customer feedback level and (in)consistency on new product acceptance in the click-and-mortar context. Journal of Business Research, vol. 62 (12), 1281-1288. | Download |
  • Shaw, J.D., Dineen, B.R., Fang, R., & Vellella, R. (2009). Employee-organization exchange relationships, HRM practices, and quit rates of good and poor performers. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 52 (5), 1016-1033. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R. & Noe, R.A. (2009). Effects of customization on application decisions and applicant pool characteristics in a Web-based recruitment context. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 94 (1), 224-234. | Download |
  • Brower, H., Lester, S., Korsgaard, A., & Dineen, B.R. (2009). A closer look at trust between managers and subordinates: Understanding the effects of both trusting and being trusted on subordinate outcomes.. Journal of Management, vol. 35 (2), 327-347. | Download |
  • Tomlinson, E.C., Dineen, B.R., & Lewicki, R.J. (2009). Trust congruence among negotiators as a predictor of joint behavioral outcomes in integrative negotiations. International Journal of Conflict Management, vol. 20 (2), 173-187. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Noe, R.A., Shaw, J.D., Duffy, M.K., & Wiethoff, C. (2007). Level and dispersion of satisfaction in teams: Using foci and social context to explain the satisfaction-absenteeism relationship. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 50 (3), 623-643. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Ling, J., Ash, S.R., & DelVecchio, D. (2007). Aesthetic properties and message customization: Navigating the dark side of Web recruitment. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 92 (2), 356-372. | Download |
  • DelVecchio, D., Jarvis, C.B., Klink, R.R., & Dineen, B.R. (2007). Leveraging brand equity to attract human capital. Marketing Letters, vol. 18 (3), 149-164. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Lewicki, R.J., & Tomlinson, E.C. (2006). Supervisory guidance and behavioral integrity: Relationships with employee citizenship and deviant behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 91 (3), 622-635. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R. (2005). TeamXchange: A team project experience involving virtual teams and fluid team membership. Journal of Management Education, vol. 29 (4), 593-616. | Download |
  • Tomlinson, E.C., Dineen, B.R., & Lewicki, R.J. (2004). The road to reconciliation: Antecedents of victim willingness to reconcile following a broken promise. Journal of Management, vol. 30 (2), 165-187. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Noe, R.A., & Wang, C. (2004). Perceived fairness of Web-based applicant screening procedures: Weighing the rules of justice and the role of individual differences. Human Resource Management, vol. 43 (2), 127-145. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R., Ash, S.R., & Noe, R.A. (2002). A web of applicant attraction: Person-organization fit in the context of Web-based recruitment. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 87 (4), 397-428. | Download |
  • Dixon, M., Wang, S., Calvin, J., Dineen, B.R., & Tomlinson, E.C. (2002). The panel interview: A review of empirical research and guidelines for practice. Public Personnel Management, vol. 31 (3), 397-428. | Download |

Conference Proceedings

  • Lopez-Kidwell, V., Grosser, T., Dineen, B.R., & Borgatti, S. (2011). What matters when: A multi-stage examination of factors contributing to job search effort. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. vol. Page1 | Download |

Book Chapters

  • Dineen, B.R. & Allen, D.G. (2013). Internet recruiting 2.0: Shifting paradigms. In K. Y. T. Yu and Daniel M. Cable (Eds.)The Oxford Handbook of Recruitment. New York: Oxford University Press, 382-401. | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R. & Soltis, S.M. (2011). Recruitment: A review of research and emerging directions. In S. Zedeck (Ed.). APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, | Download |
  • Dineen, B.R. & Noe, R.A. (2003). The impact of team fluidity and its implications for Human Resource Management research and practice. In J. Martocchio and G. Ferris (Eds.) Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management. Elsevier, 1-37. | Download |
  • Lewicki, R.J., Dineen, B.R., & Tomlinson, E.C. (2002). Organizational Theory Chapter Addendum: The 1990s. In V.A. Kremenyuk (Ed.) International negotiation: Analysis, approaches, issues. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass., 175-185. | Download |
  • Lewicki, R.J. & Dineen, B.R. (2002). Negotiation in virtual organizations. In R.L. Heneman & D.B. Greenberger (Eds.). Human Resource Management in virtual organizations, 263-294. | Download |
  • Working Best

    Countless business publications across the globe rank the “Best Places to Work” on an annual basis, but how does this relate to key human capital outcomes? A recent study coauthored by Purdue's Brian Dineen, an associate professor of organizational behavior and human resources at the Krannert School, finds that companies who receive such awards have an easier task of retaining staff.

    Full story: Working Best

Phone: (765) 49-62022
Office: RAWL 4037

Area(s) of Expertise

Recruitment, Employment Branding, Counterproductive Employee Behavior, Resume Fraud