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Greg Hundley

Greg Hundley

Professor of Management
Organizational Behavior/Human Resources


Ph.D., University of Minnesota
M.A., University of Minnesota
B.COM., University of Western Australia


Professor Hundley's interests include human resource management, compensation and reward, international human resource management, and entrepreneurship. His current areas of research include strategic human resource management, self employment, and international compensation. Professor Hundley is also interested in the effects of national culture on human resource outcomes. His publication credits include "The Effects of Unions on Recruitment and Selection Practices" (with M. Koch), Industrial Relations, 36(2) (1997); "The Effects of Profitability and Liquidity on R&D Intensity: Japanese and U.S. Companies Compared" (with C. Jacobson and S. Park), Academy Management Journal, 59(5) (1996); and "Public- and Private Sector Occupational Pay Structures," Industrial Relations, 30(3) (1991). Professor Hundley has been on the faculties of the University of Oregon, University of Western Australia and Xavier University. He is on the editorial board of Asia-Pacific Journal of Human Resources. He is a member of the Academy of Management and the Industrial Relations Research Association. In 2001, he received the John and Mary Willis Young Faculty Scholar Award.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Hundley, G The Effects of the Keiretsu on the Export Performance of Japanese Companies: Help or Hindrance?. Strategic Management Journal,

Journal Articles

  • Hundley, G. (2001). Domestic Division of Labor and Self/Organizationally Employed Differences in Job Attitudes and Earnings. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, vol. 22 (2), 121-39.
  • Hundley, G. (2001). Why Women Earn Less than Men in Self-Employment. Journal of Labor Research, vol. 22 (4), 817-29.
  • Hundley, G. (2001). Why and When are the Self-Employed More Satisfied with Their Work?. Industrial Relations, vol. 40 (2), 293-316.
  • Hundley, G. (2000). Male/Female Earnings Differences in Self-Employment: The Effects of Marriage, Children and the Household Division of Labor. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol. 54 (1), 95-114.
  • Hundley, G., & Koch, M. (1997). The Effects of Unions on Recruitment and Selection Practices. Industrial Relations, vol. 36 (3), 349-370.
  • Hundley, G., & Kim, J. (1997). National Culture and the Factors Affecting Perceptions of Pay Fairness in Korea and the United States. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, vol. 5 325-341.
  • Hundley, G., Jacobson, C., & Park, S. (1996). The Effects of Profitability and Liquidity on R&D Intensity: Japanese and U.S. Companies Compared. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 39 (6), 1659-1674.
  • Hundley, G. (1993). The Effects of Comparable Worth in the Public Sector on Public/Private Occupational Relative Wages. Journal of Human Resources, vol. 28 (3), 318-342.
  • Hundley, G. (1993). Collective Bargaining Coverage of Union Members and Non-Members in the Public Sector. Industrial Relations, vol. 32 (2), 72-93.
  • Hundley, G. (1991). Public and Private Sector Occupational Pay Structures. Industrial Relations, vol. 30 417-434.
  • Hundley, G. (1989). Things Unions Do, Job Attributes and Union Membership. Industrial Relations, vol. 28 335-355.
  • Hundley, G. (1988). Who Joins Unions in the Public Sector? The Effects of Individual Characteristics and the Law. Journal of Labor Research, vol. 9 (4), 301-23.
  • Hundley, G. (1988). Education and Union Membership. British Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 26 (2), 195-201.
  • Hundley, G. (1988). Taxation and Strikes: The Post-War Experience in Three Countries. British Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 26 (1), 57-61.
  • Hundley, G. (1987). The Threat of Unionism and Wage-Coverage Effects. Journal of Labor Research, vol. 8 (3), 237-51.
  • Hundley, G., & Koreisha, S. (1987). The Specification of Econometric Strike Models: A Varma Approach. Applied Economics, vol. 19 (4), 511-30.
  • Lawler, J., & Hundley, G. (1983). Determinants of Certification and Decertification Activity. Industrial Relations, vol. 22 (3), 335-48.

Conference Proceedings

  • Hundley, G. (1998). HRM in a Global Economy: Discussion. Proceedings of Fifty-First Annual Meeting of the IRRA,


  • Hundley, G., & Conant, E. (1990). The Status of U.S. Public Sector Collective Bargaining Law; Public Sector Collective Bargaining in the United States: A Time of Change. JAI Press,

Phone: (765) 49-44508
Office: KRAN 529

Area(s) of Expertise

Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, International Management