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Huseyin Gulen

Huseyin Gulen

Professor of Management


Journal Articles

  • Cassella, S., and H. Gulen (2018). Extrapolation Bias and the Predictability of Stock Returns by Price-Scaled Variables. Review of Financial Studies, | Related Website |
  • Bonaime, A., H. Gulen, and M. Ion (2018). Does policy uncertainty affect mergers and acquisitions?. Journal of Financial Economics, 531-558. | Related Website |
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Working Papers

  • Gulen H., M. Ion, and S. Rossi (2019). Credit Cycles, Expectations, and Corporate Investment. | Related Website |
  • Cassella, S., B. Golez, H. Gulen, and P. Kelly (2019). Horizon Bias and the Term Structure of Equity Returns. | Related Website |
  • Filiz-Ozbay, E., H. Gulen, Y. Masatlioglu, and E. Ozbay (2019). Comparing Ambiguous Urns with Different Sizes. | Related Website |
  • Cassella, S., and H. Gulen (2019). Belief-based Equity Market Sentiment. | Related Website |
  • Emery L., and H. Gulen (2019). Expanding Horizons: The Effect of Information Access on Geographically Biased Investing. | Related Website |
  • Cooper M., H. Gulen, and M. Ion (2018). The Use of Asset Growth in Empirical Asset Pricing Models. | Related Website |
  • Gulen H., and B. Myers (2018). The Selective Enforcement of Government Regulation: Battleground States and the EPA. | Related Website |
  • Gulen H., and R. Petkova (2018). Absolute Strength: Exploring Momentum in Stock Returns. | Related Website |
  •  Risks

    Where Now?

    If there is one thing certain about U.S. policy in these turbulent times, it is uncertainty. According to research by Huseyin Gulen, a professor of finance at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management, the impact on corporate investment is particularly negative,both from a short- and long-term perspective.

    Full story: Where Now?

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Stock prices, Investor behavior, Trading strategies, Executive compensation, Political/policy uncertainty, Predictability of stock returns