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Guofang Huang

Guofang Huang

Assistant Professor of Management


Ph.D. in Economics, Johns Hopkins University, 2011.



"Short-Run Needs and Long-Term Goals: A Dynamic Model of Thirst Management," 2015, (with Ahmed Khwaja and K. Sudhir). Marketing Science.
"Is Advertising Informative? Evidence from Contraindicated Drug Prescriptions," 2019, (with Matt Shum and Wei Tan), Quantitative Marketing and Economics.
"Invest in Information or Wing It? A Model of Dynamic Pricing with Seller Learning," 2019, (with Hong Luo and Jing Xia), Management Science.
"Estimating Production Functions with Robustness Against Errors in the Proxy Variables", 2020, (with Yingyao Hu and Yuya Sasaki). the Journal of Econometrics
"The Causal Effect of Service Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty," 2020, (with K. Sudhir), Management Science.
"When to Haggle, When to Hold Firm? Lessons from the Used Car Retail Market."  2020, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy


Phone: (765) 494-9566
Office: KRAN 421

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