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Kevin Koharki

Kevin Koharki

Associate Professor of Management


Kevin Koharki joined the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University as an associate professor in 2018. Prior to joining Purdue University, Kevin held a tenure track appointment at Washington Univeristy in St. Louis.

As a researcher, Kevin has published in leading academic journals including: The Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting and Economics, Review of Accounting Studies, and Contemporary Accounting Research. His research broadly focuses on credit rating agencies and financial institutions.

Kevin has taught courses on both managerial accounting and advanced financial accounting. At Purdue University, he has taught MGMT 35100 - Intermediate Financial Accounting II, MGMT 35300 - Accounting for Non-Accountants, MGMT 69000 - 068 Financial Statement Analysis, and MGMT 60000G - Accounting for EMBAs.

  • C-suite GCs

    Risky Business: Promoting general counsel to the C-suite

    Rewarding a high-performing manager or mid-level executive with a promotion to the C-suite is a common practice in many corporations, ideally producing a positive impact on the bottom line and perceived financial stability among stakeholders. But what about promoting those who have been trained in law rather than business? According to research published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics co-authored by Kevin Koharki, an associate professor of accounting in Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, the changing role of corporations’ general counsel (GC) and their increasing ascendance into senior management positions can produce less desirable outcomes.

    Full story: Risky Business: Promoting general counsel to the C-suite

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