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Deniz Yavuz

Deniz Yavuz

Associate Professor


Yale School of Management (Ph.D.) 2002-2007
Yale School of Management (MBA) 2000-2002
Bogazici University Institute of Social Sciences (MA in Management) 1995-1997
Bogazici University (B.S. in Industrial Engineering) 1991-1995

 Yavuz has 5 years of work experience in corporate banking and project finance. He also worked as a consultant to multinational organizations, investment banks and corporations. His research papers are published at Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Review of Finance and Organization Science. He has received John and Mary Willis Young Faculty Scholar Award in 2011. He received Distinguished Teacher Award every year since 2010. Yavuz was at Washington University in St Louis and Arizona State University before joining Purdue.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Ozmel, U., Trombley, T., and Yavuz, M.D. Outside Insiders: Does Access to Information Prior to an IPO Generate a Trading Advantage After the IPO?. Forthcoming, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis., | Download |
  • Morck, R., Yavuz, M.D., and Yeung, B. State-run Banks, Money Growth, and the Real Economy.. Management Science, | Download |

Journal Articles

  • Ozmel, U., Yavuz, D., Reuer, J.J. and Zenger, T. (2017). Network prominence, bargaining power, and the allocation of value capturing rights in high-tech alliance contracts.. Organization Science,, vol. 28(5) 947-964.. | Download |
  • Conrad J., and Yavuz, M.D., 2017. (2017). Momentum and Reversals: Does What Goes up Always Comes Down?. Review of Finance, (21 (2)), 555-581. | Download |
  • R. Marquez, V. Nanda and M.D. Yavuz (2015). Private Equity Fund Returns and Performance Persistence. Review of Finance, vol. 19 (5) 1783-1823.. | Download |
  • Ozsoylev H., Walden, J., Yavuz, M.D, Bildik R. (2014). Investor Networks in the Stock Market. Review of Financial Studies, vol. 27(5) 1323-1366. | Download |
  • Wahal, Sunil and Yavuz, M Deniz (2013). Style Investing, Comovement and Return Predictability. Journal of Financial Economics 107 (1), pg. 136-154., | Download |
  • Marquez, Robert and Yavuz, M. Deniz (2013). Specialization, Productivity and Financing Constraints. Review of Financial Studies, vol. 26 (11) 2961-2984. | Download |
  • Randall Morck, M. Deniz Yavuz, Bernard Yeung (2011). Bank Control, Capital Allocation, and Economic Performance. Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 100 (2), 264-283. | Download |
  • Briefcase

    Outside Insiders

    Does access to information prior to an initial public offering (IPO) generate a trading advantage after the IPO? That's the question posed by researchers from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, who find that the information obtained by non-insider institutions through their connections prior to the IPO may remain valuable after the IPO.

    Full story: Outside Insiders

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