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Raquel Asencio

Raquel Asencio

Assistant Professor of Management
Organizational Behavior/Human Resources


Raquel Asencio joins us after receiving her PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research explores teams in context. She studies the processes and properties that make teams function effectively as part of the larger organizational systems. Her research interests include teams, multiteam systems, multiteaming, collective identity and social network analysis. She is the recipient of the Young Investigator Award from the Army Research Office for continued work on multiteam systems.

  • Multi-teaming in organizations

    Krannert professor Raquel Asencio discusses her research in multi-teaming in organizations

  • Enabling Success of Teams in Organizations

    Krannert professor Raquel Ascencio speaks on enabling success of teams in organizations

Office: KRAN 548

Area(s) of Expertise

Teams, organizational behavior