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Journal Articles

  • Berenguer, G., and Shen, Z.J.M. (2018). Challenges and Strategies in Managing Nonprofit Operations: an Operations Management Perspective, forthcoming. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,
  • Zhang, Z., Berenguer, G., and Pan, X (2018). Location, inventory and testing decisions in closed-loop supply chains: a multimedia company, forthcoming. IISE Transactions, | Related Website |
  • Berenguer, G., Feng, Q., Shanthikumar, J.G., Xu, L. (2017). The Effects of Subsidies on Increasing Consumption through For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Newsvendors. Production and Operations Management, vol. 26 (6), 1191-1206. | Related Website |
  • Berenguer, G., Iyer, A., and Yadav, P. (2016). Disentangling the efficiency drivers in country-level global health programs: an empirical study. Journal of Operations Management, vol. 45 30-43. | Related Website |
  • Zhang, Z., Berenguer, G. and Shen Z.J.M. (2015). A Capacitated Facility Location Model with Bidirectional Flows. Transportation Science, vol. 49 (1), 114-129. | Related Website |
  • Atamturk, A., Berenguer, G. and Shen Z.J.M. (2012). A Conic Integer Programming Approach to Location-Inventory Problems. Operations Research, vol. 60 (2), 366-381. | Related Website |

Book Chapters

  • Berenguer, G. (2015). Modeling approaches and metrics to evaluate nonprofit operations. book: "Advances in Managing Humanitarian Operations", (edited by Altay, Nezih, Haselkorn, Mark P., Zobel, Christopher W., Springer),
  • Berenguer, G., Richter, A. and Shen Z.J.M. (2014). Transportation-Location Problem for a Solar Stove Distributing Nonprofit Organization. book: "Case studies in Operations Research: Applications of Optimal Decision Making", (edited by Katta Murty, Springer),

Working Papers

  • Berenguer, G., Cao, Y., and Peleato B.M. The alternating direction method of multipliers for the capacitated facility location problem, in preparation.
  • Park, C.H. and Berenguer, G. Supply constrained location-distribution in not-for-profit settings, submitted.
  • Berenguer G., Zhang, Z., & Zhang, Y. Design of a subsidized reverse supply chain in the Chinese electronics industry, in preparation.
  • Atal, N. Berenguer, G. & Borwarkar, S. Gender diversity issues in the IT industry: How can your sourcing group help?, conditional acceptance at Business Horizons.
  • Bourquard, B., Berenguer, G., Gray, A., and Preckel P. Raw Material Variability in Food Manufacturing: a data-driven snack food industry case, submitted.
  • Berenguer, G. and Lei, L. Volunteers and paid workers in a nonprofit operation: trade-offs and operational outcomes, in preparation.

Other Publications

  • Berenguer, G. Nonprofit Operations, POMS Chronicle, 2014, 12(1) p. 12-10. | Related Website |
  • Iyer, A., Berenguer G., Yadav P. and Glassman A. Benchmarking Supply Chains for Better Performance, 2015, Center for Global Development, Policy Paper 057. | Related Website |
  • Berenguer, G., Keskinocak, P., Shanthikumar, J.G., Swaminathan, J., and Van Wassenhove, L.N. A Prologue to the Special Issue on Not-for-Profit Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, 2017, 26(6) p.973-975. | Related Website |