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Forthcoming Publications

  • Mingcherng Deng, Lin Nan, and Xiaoyan Wen. Information Quality and Endogenous Project Outcome. Contemporary Accounting Research,
  • Lin Nan and Xiaoyan Wen. Optimal Penalty Level, Manipulation, and Investment Efficiency. Management Science,
  • Carlos Corona, Lin Nan, and Gaoqing Zhang. Banks' Discretionary Use of Fair-Value Accounting, Capital Requirement and the Volatility of Aggregate Bank Lending. The Accounting Review,

Journal Articles

  • Jing Li, Lin Nan, and Ran Zhao. (2018). The Corporate Governance Roles of Information Quality and Corporate Takeovers. Review of Accounting Studies, vol. 23 (3), 1207-1240.
  • Carlos Corona, Lin Nan, and Gaoqing Zhang (2015). Accounting Information Quality, Interbank Competition, and Bank Risk-Taking. The Accounting Review, vol. 90 (3), 967-985.
  • Lin Nan and Xiaoyan Wen (2014). Financing and Investment Efficiency, Information Quality, and Accounting Biases. Management Science, vol. 60 (9), 2308-2323.
  • Pierre Liang and Lin Nan (2014). Endogenous Precision of Performance Measures and Limited Managerial Attention. European Accounting Review, vol. 23 (4), 693-727.
  • Carlos Corona and Lin Nan (2013). Preannouncing Competitive Decisions in Oligopoly Markets. Journal of Accounting and Economics, vol. 56 (1), 73-90.
  • Guoming Lai, Laurens Debo, and Lin Nan (2011). Channel Stuffing with Short-Term Interest in Market Value. Management Science, vol. 57 (2), 332-346.
  • Lin Nan (2011). An Unintended Consequence of SFAS 133: Promoting Speculation. Journal of Management Accounting Research, vol. 23 305-329.
  • Lin Nan (2008). The Agency Problems of Hedging and Earnings Management. Contemporary Accounting Research, vol. 25 (3), 859-890.