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Forthcoming Publications

  • Carr, J. & Doleac, J. Keep the Kids Inside: Juvenile Curfews and Urban Gun Crime. Review of Economics and Statistics, | Related Website | Download Download |

Journal Articles

  • Carr, J. & Packham, A. (2017). The Effects of State-Mandated Abstinence-Based Sex Education on Teen Health Outcomes. Health Economics, vol. 26 (4), 403-420. | Related Website | Download Download |

Working Papers

  • Carr, J. & Koppa, V. The Effect of Housing Vouchers on Crime: Evidence from a Lottery. | Related Website |
  • J. Carr and A. Packham SNAP Benefits and Crime: Evidence from Changing Disbursement Schedules. | Download |
  • Carr, J. & Rettenmaier, A. What Happened to Rosie?. | Related Website | Download |
  • Carr, J. The Effect of Sex Offender Registries on Recidivism: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. | Related Website | Download |

Other Publications

  • Carr, J. & Doleac, J. The Geography, Incidence, and Underreporting of Gun Violence: New Evidence Using ShotSpotter Data. Brookings Policy Paper, | Related Website |