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Forthcoming Publications

  • Yun Kyung Oh, Huseyin Gulen, Jung Min Kim, and William T. Robinson Do Stock Prices Undervalue Investments in Advertising?. Marketing Letters, | Download |

Journal Articles

  • Oh, Yun Kyung, Ye Hu, Xin Wang, and William T. Robinson (2013). How Do External Reference Prices Influence Online Gift Giving?. International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, vol. 5 359-371.
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  • Sinapuelas, Ian and W. Robinson (2009). Entry for Supermarket Feature Me-Too Brands: An Empirical Explanation of Incidence and Timing. Marketing Letters, vol. 20 183-196.
  • Nikolaeva, Ralitza, Manohar U. Kalwani, William T. Robinson, and S. Sriram (2009). Survival Determinants for Online Retailers. Review of Marketing Science, vol. 7
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Book Chapters

  • Kalwani, M. and W. Robinson (2009). Pioneer Survival Rates. Empirical Generalizations About Marketing Impact, Marketing Science Institute, Reprinted in 2015 edition, 27.
  • Kalwani, M. and W. Robinson (2009). Pioneering in B-to-B Markets. Empirical Generalizations About Marketing Impact, Marketing Science Institute, Reprinted in 2015 edition, 28.
  • Robinson, W., & Parry, M. (2004). Order of Market Entry: Empirical Results from the PIMS Data and Future Research Topics. Batten Foundation and Marketing Science Institute, New York, NY. 73-91.
  • Robinson, W., Fornell, C., & Sullivan, M. (1994). Skill and Resource Profiles for Market Pioneers, Early Followers and Late Entrants. Faulkner and Gray, Inc,