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Forthcoming Publications

  • Dunford, B. B., Shipp, A., Boss, R. W., Angermeier, I, & Boss, A. D. For whom does burnout change over time. A career transition perspective of employee burnout trajectories. Journal of Applied Psychology, | Download |
  • Zimmerman, R. D., Boswell, W. R., Shipp, A., Dunford, B. B., & Boudreau, J. W. Explaining the pathways between personality and employees job search behavior. Journal of Management, | Download |

Journal Articles

  • Hansen, S. D., Dunford, B. B., Boss, A. D., Boss, R. W., & Angermeier, I. (2011). Corporate social responsibility and the benefits of employee trust: A cross disciplinary perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 102 29-45. | Download |
  • Dunford, B. B., Boswell, W. R., & Boudreau, J. W. (2010). When do high level managers believe they can influence the stock price. Antecedents of stock price expectancy cognitions.. Human Resource Management, vol. 49 (1), 23-34. | Download |
  • Chullen, C. L., Dunford, B. B., Boss, R. W., Angermeier, I., & Boss, A. D. (2010). Minimizing deviant behavior in healthcare organizations: The affects of supportive leadership and job design.. Journal of Healthcare Management, vol. 55 (6), 381-399. | Download |
  • Boss, R. W., Dunford, B. B., Boss, A. B., & McConkie, M. (2010). Sustainable change in the public sector: The longitudinal benefits of organization development.. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, vol. 46 (4), 436-472. | Download |
  • Dunford, B. B., Schleicher, D. J., & Zhu, L. (2009). The relative importance of voluntary stock investment. Is stock ownership unnecessary for establishing an ownership culture.. Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations, vol. 16 1-28. | Download |
  • Angermeier, I., Dunford, B. D., Boss, A. D., Boss, R. W. (2009). Improving healthcare effectiveness: The impact of participative management perceptions on customer service, medical errors, burnout, and turnover intentions.. Journal of Healthcare Management, vol. 52 (2), 127-141. | Download |
  • Dunford, B. B., Oler, D. K., & Boudreau, J. W. (2008). Underwater Stock options and voluntary executive turnover: A multi-disciplinary perspective integrating behavioral and economic theories. Personnel Psychology, | Download |
  • Dunford, B., Boudreau, J., & Boswell, W. (2005). Out-of-the-Money: The Impact of Underwater Stock Options on Executive Job Search. Personnel Psychology, vol. 58 67-101. | Download |
  • Boswell, W., Boudreau, J., & Dunford, B. (2004). The Outcomes and Correlates of Job Search Objectives. Searching to Leave or Searching for Leverage. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 89 1083-1091. | Download |
  • Devine, D., Clayton, L., Dunford, B., Seying, R., & Pryce, J. (2001). Jury Decision Making: 45 Years of Empirical Research on Deliberating Groups. Psychology, Public Policy, & Law, vol. 7 (3), 622-727. | Download |
  • Wright, P., Dunford, B., & Snell, S. (2001). Human Resources and the Resource Based View of the Firm. Journal of Management, vol. 27 (6), 701-721. | Download |
  • Devine, D., Clayton, L., Phillips, J., Dunford, B., & Melner, S. (1999). Teams in Organizations: Prevalence, Characteristics and Effectiveness. Small Group Research, vol. 30 678-711. | Download |
  • Dunford, B., & Devine, D. (1998). Employment At-will and Employee Discharge: A Justice Perspective on Legal Action Following Termination. Personnel Psychology, vol. 51 903-934. | Download |

Book Chapters

  • Boudreau, J., Boswell, W., Dunford, B., & Ray, P. (2002). Why Top Talent Looks Elsewhere. BrassRing, LLC, Waltham, MA. 258-263. | Download |
  • Boudreau, J., Dunford, B., & Ramstad, P. (2001). The Human Capital Impact on E Business. The Case of Encyclopedia Britannica. E-Business Research Center: Pennsylvania State University, | Download |

Working Papers

  • Dunford, B. B., Sathyamurthy, K., Angermeier, I., Boss, R. W., Sinclair, K., Duggar, S., & Nyp, R. Generational differences in healthcare employee voluntary turnover: One retention strategy doesnt fit all.. | Download |
  • Dunford, B. B., Boss, R. W, Boss, A. D., Zara, G., & Grooms, R. Dunford, B. B., Boss, R. W, Boss, A. D., Zara, G., & Grooms, R. Can entire departments be burned out.. | Download |
  • Dunford, B. B.; Shipp, A. J., Boss, R. W., Angermeier, I., Boss, A. D., & Williams, T. A. Pay fairness and employee engagement in the healthcare sector.. | Download |