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Journal Articles

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Working Papers

  • Kejriwal, M. & Yu, X. (2019). Bootstrap Procedures for Detecting Multiple Persistence Shifts in a Heteroskedastic Time Series.
  • Kejriwal, M. & Li, X. & Totty, E (2018). Multidimensional Skills and the Returns to Schooling: Evidence from an Interactive Fixed Effects Approach and a Linked Survey-Administrative Dataset.
  • Kejriwal, M (2017). A Robust Sequential Procedure for Estimating the Number of Structural Changes in Persistence.
  • Kejriwal, M. & Zhao, H (2017). Examining the robustness of the democracy-growth nexus.
  • Kejriwal, M & Perron, P (2015). Asymptotics for Estimators dating the Origination and Termination of Explosive Behavior in a Time Series.
  • Kejriwal, M (2012). The Nature of Persistence in Euro Area Inflation: A Reconsideration.