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Forthcoming Publications

  • Ozmel Umit; Trombley Tim.; Yavuz Deniz. Outside Insiders. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,

Journal Articles

  • Ozmel Umit; Reuer J; Wu CW. (2017). The Role of Imitation in Determining Technology Acquisitions. Strategic Management Journal,
  • Ozmel Umit; Yavuz D; Reuer J; Zenger T. (2017). Bargaining Power, Network Effects and Value Appropriation in Alliances: Evidence form High-Tech R&D Alliance Contracts. Organization Science,
  • Umit Ozmel, Isin Guler (2015). Small Fish, Big Fish: The Performance Effects of the Relative Standing in Partners' Affiliate Portfolios. Strategic Management Journal,
  • Ozmel U, Robinson D. & Stuart T (2013). Strategic Alliance, Venture Capital and Exit Decisions in Early Stage High-tech Firms. Journal of Financial Economics,
  • Ozmel U, Reuer J. & Gulati R (2013). Network Interdependencies: Signals from Venture Capital and Alliance Networks in Determining Future Alliance Formation. Academy of Management Journal,