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Conference Extracurricular Activities

Krannert Alumni Virtual 5K

While we can't physically be together this year, why not work together to better your health, get away from the computer screen, and support Krannert students at the same time? Introducing the Krannert Alumni Virtual 5K!

Throughout the month of April, you can run or walk at your own pace. All registered racers will earn a race medal and compete for prizes. We even have a virtual jogging tour of campus and new construction going on this spring that you view while on the treadmill!

Virtual Jogging Tour Options
Download Virtual Jogging Tour Jogging Tour on YouTube

Registration for the Krannert Alumni Virtual 5K is separate from the main conference registration.  If you would like to participate in the 5K, register at the link below.


Already registered and completed the 5K?  Enter your finishing information for your medal!

Illustration of race

Mixology Class & Purdue Memorial Union Renovation Tour

Celebrate with fellow conference alumni on the evening of April 20th in style!

We will begin with a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the newly renovated spaces at the Purdue Memorial Union. See the new rooms, the exquisite lobby and bar, and the brand-new courtyard. We’ll walk through the amazing new restaurant, 8Eleven Bistro, and end our tour at the Boiler Up Bar (Could it be called anything else?). Boiler Up is an iconic cocktail lounge with refined spaces and features an intimate Whiskey Room.

A Boiler Up bartender will be on hand to teach us how to make two signature cocktails and a mocktail. Not only will you get the recipes and watch an in-depth demonstration on how to make each, you can mix YOUR drinks alongside the professionals! Whether you have a home bar stocked with every mixer available, or not – we have you covered! Krannert has partnered with Shaker & Spoon, who will ship you the NON-ALCOHOLIC ingredients needed at a discounted price for Krannert Alumni Conference attendees. You will receive the discount code after registration. Don’t miss out! We recommend ordering through Shaker & Spoon by April 5th to ensure you have everything you’ll need!

Mixology Drink Choices
Crank it to 11 Sepal & Spice Deacachimba

End the night with your tasty beverages in chat groups with fellow alumni. We can’t be together, but we can still have fun!

Ron Insana Keynote Address

Navigating the post-Coronavirus world will continue to be a whiplash-inducing experience. The new technologies and medical breakthroughs that are coming will make things even more challenging. 5G, AI, robotics, machine learning, regenerative medicine, and more are all racing towards us. Soon, mountains of data will come more forcefully than ever, changing even further what is possible in business. The biggest change of all is how quickly new technologies become ubiquitous.

Ron Insana, Senior Analyst at CNBC and other NBC news outlets, as well as host of the Market Score Board Reports, looks at the most impactful new technologies and the impact they’ll have. They include experts who are already working on creating human organs from stem cells printed on 3-D printers…and researchers working to stop the aging clock altogether. Experts believe that among millennials, the first person to live to 150 has already been born. Are we ready for that future?

Join us on April 22nd, at 7 pm EDT for the closing keynote for the conference!
Ron Insana

On-Demand Extracurricular Library

Throughout the entire week of the Krannert Alumni Conference a library of on demand videos, webinars, classes, tours and other activities will be available to you on our conference platform. Some activities are available there already! Check back during the conference for even more new content.