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Registration Information

Since we are virtual this year and want to give you the most personalized, interactive experience possible, you will need to follow these steps to register and create your conference account:

Step 1

Register for the conference HERE using Chrome for best functionality. At the same time, make sure you have the Conference Schedule page open in another browser window as well for easy reference during registration!

Registration Details:

  • Select the number of guests in the household who will be attending for each Programming Type (Connect to Class, Conference Sessions, and Live Extracurricular Activities)
  • Click the gold “Continue to Session Selection” button on the right
  • For each programming type you selected, you will be asked submit your name, email, and degree info, and then select the individual classes/sessions you would like register for. **Please note: if you choose not to attend any sessions in a particular grouping, select the “no class” or “I will not be attending…” options at the bottom of each group/track.
  • Check to accept Socio’s Terms of Service at the bottom, then click “Place Order” button on the right.

You will immediately see your order confirmation and an identical email will be sent. There is no need to view or download tickets! You are all set!

Step 2

Visit the Conference App Page to download the Krannert Events mobile app from the App Store or Google, or access the web app on your computer to create your account!

Sceenshot of app page

Step 3

Create your account on Socio app (iPhone, Android, or web app)

  • Enter the same email use used at registration.
  • Create your own password.
  • You can upload you photo and fill in your profile information.
  • Turn on alerts from the mobile app so you don’t miss any announcements!

screenshot of notifications alert

  • Enter the access code from your registration email when prompted, and complete creating your account.

screenshot of access code window

Step 4

YOU’RE READY TO EXPLORE! There is already conference content for you to enjoy, but brand-new content will be added when the conference starts on April 19th.

**Please note: If you are using the web app, make sure you click on the "Download App" button on the upper right corner to get full functionality for the conference!


Get your free snack box! Once you register, you will be sent a link to order your own personalized snack box, delivered to your door, compliments of Krannert!

Because the Alumni Conference registration is so different this year, we want to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible. If you run into any issue, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


765-494-9604 – Jackie Knotts, Assoc. Director, Alumni Engagement
765-585-5415 – Stacey Sharp, Asst. Director, Alumni Engagement
765-496-2618 – Amber Watkins, Director, Alumni Relations