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Krannert Global Toast

Thursday, November 4, 2021
6:00 pm

Herman C. Krannert made his first contact with Purdue University when he called upon the school's Department of Animal Sciences to help in treating his cattle.  He was so pleased with his experience that he began to develop several relationships with Purdue, seeking advice for his Indianapolis-based firm, Inland Container Corporation, which included a management development program for his executives taught by Purdue faculty.  In 1962, he and his wife donated $2.73 million establishing the Krannert Graduate School of Industrial Administration.

To honor the Krannerts, we pay tribute to the family that made a clear and significant impact in our lives on the first Thursday of every November.  At several locations around the world, Krannert alumni gather with each other and honor the family that started it all. We hope that our alumni will join us for many years to come.  

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