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About the Course

This fifty-minute class meets each Friday at 11:30 AM in the Krannert Auditorium. The class offers undergraduate management students, as well as students from other schools on campus, a practical business and management perspective seldom found in other courses.  Master's degree students and faculty are also encouraged to attend and the Forum is open to the public as seating permits.

Students in the Forum are expected to familiarize themselves with the firms the speakers represent and to participate in class discussions. Classroom activities will provide students with the opportunity to network and engage with leaders on a more personal level at informal breakfast and lunch provided free of charge.

 Active participation in the class will improve:

  • Personal branding by utilizing professionalism and business etiquette
  • Working skills like decision making, written and oral communication
  • Improve relationships with others through cultural appreciation and networking
  • Job search components as career path strategies and learning from executive experience

Kim Corbitt
Kim Corbitt, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Hillman Group