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Krannert Executive Forum - Russell Clough

Russell Clough

Russell Clough

Russell G. Clough Co.

Russell Clough joined the Stanford faculty in 1994 after thirty years of construction experience.  He earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from Stanford after growing up in a construction and mining family and going into the Marines in 1959.  He worked as a laborer, equipment operator, engineer, project manager, and operations manager for various companies.  For about 15 years he owned and operated his own company specializing in digging wine caves as well as other small projects. 

His teaching interest has been to develop case studies and experiential exercises that improve the students' thinking and relationship skills necessary for participation in the “real world”.  His classes emphasize the importance of technical fundamentals, failures, costs, ethics, leadership, and people challenges in business.  He maintains contact with industry through consulting work, mediation, and serving on Dispute Review Boards.  He is a registered Civil, Geotechnical, and Safety Engineer.