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Krannert Executive Forum - Anika Jackson

Anika Jackson

Anika Jackson

Vice President
Jackson Asset Management

Anika Jackson, native of Detroit, MI is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes that it is completely possible to live your dreams. Born into an entrepreneurial family Anika ran her own vending machine business, The Kids Candy Company, for several years from middle- high school. Managing this profitable business allowed her to learn fundamentals of business like pricing, inventory management and loss control.  Her passion for business led her to pursue a BA in Economics at Spelman College in Atlanta as well as an MBA from Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN.

Post graduate school, Anika joined the AT&T Leadership Development Program and held a number of management roles in operations and marketing. She continued to harness skills including talent development, motivation and team building, budget and revenue management. While progressing through the leadership program she continued to read articles about Detroit’s revitalization. Beautiful stories about new businesses, increases in Detroit residency, blight reduction task forces, city gardens, and more. Anika felt compelled to be a part of this renaissance. Known for having numerous business ideas as well as being a fiercely loyal Detroiter, Anika always knew that a return to Detroit was inevitable.

In early 2014, Anika was seeking a way to merge two of her passions, photography and fashion. While looking at photos that she had captured from six years earlier she was struck by the beauty of an image known as the Spirit of Detroit. The statue holds a family in one hand and a golden orb in the other, it has come to represent the spirit of the residents and many look to it as a source of positive imagery for the city. Wanting to share her love of photography in a way that was tangible and accessible for an array of purveyors, the idea of Wink City ( was born. Wink City is a photography inspired apparel line with nods to famous landmarks and locations. The first images captured on garments were of Detroit landmarks and are extremely popular with supporters of all ages.

Realizing that her passion for entrepreneurship and her love of Detroit needed to be supported, Anika decided to become a ‘true Detroiter’ once again and pursue Wink City as well as begin succession planning of her family business, the Jackson Asset Management group of companies (

Ms. Jackson serves as Vice President of Jackson Asset Management, a diversified holding company that includes Prestige Automotive Group and Jackson Land Holding LLC. Within her role, Anika facilitates new development opportunities, including over $25M in construction projects and $75M in real estate as well as operational improvement projects. A super food guru, with plans to open a restaurant one day, Anika is known in her circle of friends as the one to consult on “what’s hot” when it comes to dining. She supports numerous children’s non-profits including Boys Hope Girls of Detroit and the Chicago Children’s Choir. She is also a member with the Junior League of Chicago.