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Krannert Executive Forum - Francisco Rius

Francisco Rius

Francisco Rius

Senior Manager, Player Analytics and Forecasting
Electronic Arts

Francisco Rius is Senior Manager, Player Analytics and Forecasting at Electronic Arts.  A videogames and sports enthusiast, he oversees analysis and insights for EA’s top sports videogame franchises – including FIFA, Madden, NHL, and UFC.  He manages teams in North America and Europe that analyze data and produce information to improve games, drive player engagement, and to maximize the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. 

Francisco began his journey at Electronic Arts as lead analyst during the early stages of Ultimate Team, a digital game feature that allows players around the world to connect and compete against each other.  Ultimate Team franchises currently generate upwards of $650MM a year and have become central to Electronic Arts’ growth.

Francisco Rius graduated from Krannert in 2004 with a degree in Management and focus on Economics.  He later completed his MBA at Krannert, graduating in 2007 with a focus on Marketing and Strategy.