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Agenda and Reading List

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2018 Workshop Agenda and Reading List

Before Workshop – Essential Readings (ER)

  1. Thomas McCraw, Prophets of Regulation, Chapters 2,7,8.
  2. Ronald Coase, Nobel Lecture (1991)
  3. Douglass North, Nobel Lecture (1993)
  4. Planet Money, Why Buying a Car is So Awful, NPR, February 2013 (podcast)
  5. Marginal Revolution University, A Price is a Signal Wrapped in an Incentive (video)
  6. Marginal revolution University, Price Ceilings: Misallocation of resources (video)
  7. Marginal Revolution University, The Balance of Industries and Creative Destruction (video)
  8. Marginal revolution University, The Coase Theorem (video)

Before Workshop – Supplemental Readings (SR)

  1. Richard Posner, Taxation by Regulation (1971)
  2. Joseph Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (1942), chapters 7&8
  3. F.A. Hayek, The Use of Knowledge in Society, American Economic Review (1945)
  4. Thomas McCraw and Russ Roberts, McCraw on Schumpeter, Innovation and Creative Destruction, Econ Talk (podcast 2007) 


2:30-2:45pm Welcome

2:45-3:45pm       Ray Gifford        The Five Prisms: Economic Analysis of Regulation
ER 1.      Timothy Muris, Improving Economic Foundations of Competition Policy (2003)

4:00-5:45pm       Lynne Kiesling  Making a Market: A Double Auction Icebreaker
ER 1.      I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit Video (2016)


8:30-10:00am     Doug Sicker        Trends in Technology I: Networks for Power and Communication

10:15-11:45am   Doug Sicker        Trends in Technology Ii: Digitization’s Challenges
ER 1.      Michael Henderson, Damir Novosel, and Mariesa Crow, Electric Power Grid Modernization, Trends and Opportunities, IEEE, 2017
ER 2.      The Internet of Things: An Overview, Internet Society (2015)
SR 1.      J. Michael Barrett, Challenges and Requirements for Tomorrow’s Electrical Power Grid, Lexington Institute (2016)
SR 2.      Commissioner Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Privacy Regulation in the Internet Ecosystem, Federal Trade Commission, (2016)

12:45-2:00pm     Lynne Kiesling  Origins of Regulation: Law and Economics Insights for a Decentralized and Carbon-Constrained Energy System
ER 1.      Werner Troesken, Regime Change and Corruption: A History of Public Utility Regulation, National Bureau of Economic Research

2:15-3:15pm       Dean Williamson    Regulatory Theory: Neoclassical Public Interest and Public Choice
ER 1.      Pierre Lemieux, The Public Choice Revolution (Fall 2004)
ER 2.      Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stainslaw, The Rise of Regulation in the US, Commanding Heights, PBS excerpt (1998)
SR 1.      William Shugart, Public Choice, Library of Economics and Liberty

3:15-4:15pm       Dean Williamson   Transaction Cost Economics: Lessons from Coase and Kahn on Intuitions, Price Discrimination and Vertical Integration
ER 1.      Arnold Kling, The Institutions-Intensive Economy, Library of Economics and Liberty (Feb. 2013)
ER 2.      Phil Weiser, Alfred Kahn, A Case Study of a Political Entrepreneur: An Essay in Honor of his 90th Birthday, Review of Network Economics (2008)
SR 1.      Oliver Williamson, Why Law, Economics and Organization?, Annual review of Law and Social Science (2005)


8:30-10:00am       Eric Talley         Introduction to Corporate Finance
ER 1.      Ivo Welch, A First Course in Corporate Finance (2008)m chapters 2,3,5,8, 10

10:15-11:45am     Eric Talley         Application of Corporate Finance to Regulated Industries
ER 1.      Shlomit Azgad-Tromer and Eric Talley, The Utility of Finance (2018)

1:00-2:30pm       Rim Baltadounis    Experimental Economics: Electric Power Auctions
ER 1.      Rimvydas Baltaduonis, Strategic Behavior in Smart Markets with Avoidable Fixed Costs, Working Paper (2009)
ER 2.      Rimvydas Baltadounis & Julie Weisz, Information Feedback Effects in Retail Electricity Markets, Working Paper (2013)
SR 1.      Katrina Jessoe & David Rapson, Knowledge is (less) Power: Experimental Evidence from Residential Energy Use, American Economic Association (2014)

2:45- 4:15pm      Rim Baltadounis    Experimental Economics 101
ER 1.      Stephen Rassenti, Vernon Smith & Bart Wilson, Using Experiments to Inform the Privatization/Deregulation Movement in Electricity, Cato Journal (Winter 2002)


8:30-10:00am    Ray Gifford        Applying the Five Prisms to Transmission and Wholesale Electricity
ER 1.      Energy Primer: A Handbook of Energy Market Basics FERC
SR 1.      Clifford Krauss & Diane Kadell, A Texas Utility Offers  Nighttime Special: Free Electricity, New York Times (Nov 8, 2015)

10:15-11:45am   Lynne Kiesling  Applying the Five Prisms to Regulation and Innovation in Distribution and Retail Electricity
ER 1.      Paul Joskow, Creating a Smarter Electricity Grid, American Economic Association (2012)
ER 2.      David Chassin &Lynne Kiesling, Decentralized Coordination through Digital Technology, Dynamic Pricing and Customer Driven Control, The GridWise Testbed Demonstration Project,                     Electricity Journal (2008)
ER 3.      Michael Giberson & Lynne Kiesling, The Need for Electricity Retail Market Reforms Regulations (Fall 2017)
SR 1.      Richard Langlois, Design Institutions and the Evolution of Platforms, Journal of Law, Economics and Policy (Fall 2013)
SR 2.      Marla Newton Lowry & Tim Woolf, Performance Based Regulation in a High Distributed Energy Resources Future, LBNL (2016)


9:00-10:00am    Ray Gifford        Broader Issues in Regulatory Change and Emerging Technologies
ER 1.      Ray Hagerman, Jennifer Skees & Adam Thierer, Soft Law for Hard problems: The Governance of Emerging Technologies in an Uncertain Future (Feb 5, 2018) Forthcoming, Colorado                     Technology Law Journal
SR 1.      Thom Lambert, How to Regulate: A Guide for Policy Makers, Cambridge University Press (2017)