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Day 1

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - Day 1

Day 1 Group

Welcome and Introductions

  • Dean David Hummels, Krannert School of Management
  • Alyssa Panitch, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Conference Chair: Ellen Ernst Kossek, Basil S Turner Professor of Management & Research Director of Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence
  • Sponsors & Organizing Committee- Video
Day 1 - 1 Day 1 - 2

Gender, and Fostering Career Advancement in Research and Practice

  • Belle Rose Ragins, University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee: Glass Ceiling Chisels: Leveraging the Power of Mentoring for Female Leaders
  • Rosalia Thomas, IBM: Advancing Women at IBM
  • Research to Practice Moderator: Patrice Buzzanell, Purdue University

Day 1 - 3 Day 1 - 4 Day 1 - 5

Gender and Diversity Value-Enhancement in Teams in Research and Practice

  • Denise Lewin Lloyd, University of Illinois: Claiming the Unexpected Value of Diversity- What’s getting in the Way
  • Anne Donovan, PWC: Engaging Team for Business Success
  • Research to Practice Moderator: Beth Livingston, Cornell University

Day 1 - 6 Day 1 - 7 Day 1 - 8

Gender Inclusion and Leadership in STEM Research and Practice

  • Kelly Mack, AACU: That None Shall Perish delivered by Chris Sahley, Purdue University
  • Mariana Monteiro, GE: Learning from Observation: Teaching from Successful Women in the STEM filed
  • Research to Practice Moderator: Diana Bilimoria, Case Western Reserve University

Day 1 - 9 Day 1 - 10 Day 1 - 11

Women in Entrepreneurial Settings

  • Kim Eddleston, Northeastern University: Women Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Nina Swanson, Paypal: Emerging Culture and Gender Inclusion
  • Research to Practice Moderator: Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Purdue University

Day 1 - 12 Day 1 - 13 Day 1 - 14

Breakout Groups for Paper Presentations Round 1

Click here for the abstracts of the papers presented (Link not ready yet)

  • Track 1: Gender and STEM
  • Track 2: Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships
  • Track 3: HR Practices and Gender
  • Track 4: Gender in Higher Education
  • Track 5: Leadership and Gender
  • Track 6: Women at the Top
  • Track 7 Entrepreneurship and Leadership Identity
  • Track 8: Gender in Diverse Contexts
Day 1 - 15 Day 1 - 16 Day 1 - 17

Reception and research Posters with Graduate Students

Click here for the abstracts of the posters presented (Link not ready yet)

Posters with Grads Group

Posters with Grads 1 Posters with Grads 2 Posters with Grads 3 Posters with Grads 4


Dinner Group

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