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International Applicants

Contact Purdue Executive MBA Programs' Associate Director of Admissions, Nancy Smigiel, at +1-765-494-4580 or with questions about the application process.


For Launch Week and residencies held at Purdue University, international students who require a visa to enter the U.S. will apply for a B-Visa. 

Purdue University’s Executive Education Team will issue an invitation letter and students in turn will use the letter to apply for the B-Visa and also show the U.S. Port of Entry office at the airport.

For residencies held outside the U.S., policies vary for each individual student based on their citizenship, residence and employment status. 

  • For North American passport holders, you will likely only require a tourist visa for Brazil and China. 
  • For students from the EU, you will likely only require a visa for China. 
  • For most South American students, a visa for China will be all you will be required to apply for. 
  • For most Asian students, please check your country of origin’s requirements for the visa needed for the countries we hold our residencies in (EU Schengen, Brazil, Chile, U.S., China).

For international citizens living/working in the U.S., you will need to apply for visas according to the country of origin and the passport you carry. 

Each student is responsible for determining exactly what visa policies correspond with their individual circumstance.