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Program Launch Week

Our 5-day launch week provides the foundation to achieve success as a Purdue Executive MBA student. You will spend this time on campus meeting and interacting with faculty, staff, and your fellow students. In addition to social events, team building exercises, and classroom learning, you will be introduced to Purdue University systems and resources to help you make the most of your 19-month EMBA journey.

Check out a sample launch week schedule to see how we blend coursework with team building, and provide resources and social activities for our students.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Introductions & Preparing For Success Program IT & eBook setup Library Resources & Financial Aid Economics Alumni Insights
Intentional Learning: Leveraging the EMBA at your Workplace Career Management: Moving Your Career Forward Case Analysis Best Practices Economics Organization Behavior
Team Building and Group Dynamics Understanding the Mechanics of the Organization Accounting Business Analytics Organization Behavior
Team Building & Group Dynamics for your EMBA Understanding the Mechanics of the Organization Accounting Business Analytics Travel home
Campus Tour & Welcome Dinner Dinner & Case Analysis Prep Free Evening with Cohort Free Evening with Cohort

Are you ready to join us? Start the process today! Use our resources to help you find the Executive MBA program that’s right for you!

  • Resume Review: Share your resume to be considered for a GMAT waiver.

  • Program Comparison: Let us stack up our programs against your other top 3 schools.

  • Webinars: Chat live with our staff, alumni, and current students.

  • On-Campus Experience: Visit us in person or virtually for an insider view of the program.

  • EMBA on the Road: Meet one-on-one with a Purdue EMBA team member across the U.S. and abroad.

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