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Module 4

Negotiations in Organizations (Functional Elective) (2 credits)

Taught by Ben Dunford

This course is designed to give you a practical introduction to negotiation concepts and tactics. It is a skills class intended to inform your day-to-day work. Through a combination of methods including cases, experiential projects, discussions and lectures, this course will help you improve your ability to negotiate deals and manage employment relationships. The objectives of the course are to provide you with:

  • an ability to identify the practical issues involved in any negotiation situation;
  • an insight into your own strengths and weaknesses in these areas;
  • an opportunity to develop skills in negotiations;
  • and an increased awareness and sensitivity to the challenges of managing relationships.​

Associate Professor Ben Dunford introduces this negotiations course.

Risk Management (2 credits)

Taught by Thomas Eppel

A key challenge for managers is dealing with risk, which means the probabilities related to success of different options.  The two types of risk most commonly faced by managers are operational and financial risk.  The course considers the different types of risk, ways to assess risk, and develop options to mitigate the impact of risk on the company.

Meet Dr. Eppel and hear more about this course.

Immersion Elective (1 credit)

See our wide range of immersion elective offerings.

Please note course offerings and faculty are subject to change.