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Module 4

Corporate Governance (Functional Elective) (2 credits)

Taught by Ashley Gangloff

The course will focus primarily on the role of boards of directors, as they have the greatest influence on the organization.  Their key roles include hiring and firing the CEO, helping the organization reduce the probability of wrongdoing, and helping the organization's performance with their advice and counsel. We will also discuss how and why boards themselves fail. The objectives of the course are to:

  1. Identify the role and composition of boards of directors, and what that can mean for a firm;
  2. Understand the pressures and incentives that can inhibit a board's function;
  3. Identify red flags that can signal a potential scandal in a firm;
  4. Understand how the set of governance mechanisms works together to, ideally, prevent value loss and create value.

Risk Management (2 credits)

Taught by Thomas Eppel

A key challenge for managers is dealing with risk, which means the probabilities related to success of different options. The two types of risk most commonly faced by managers are operational and financial risk. The course considers the different types of risk, ways to assess risk, and develop options to mitigate the impact of risk on the company.

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Immersion Elective (1 credit)

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