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Robert Erwin

Chirripo Investments and Financial Services
IMM Class of 2015

Working for a start up requires a person to be multifunctional since resources are limited until the business begins to grow. I work for a software company, so most of the team is very technical. Last year we incorporated and I was appointed to be the CFO. My responsibilities go beyond traditional accounting and finance. Completing my MBA has giving me the confidence to take on many assignments outside of my core areas of competence. Some of the things I have been involved in include contact reviews, contract negotiations, marketing, pricing, investor documents. Attending the IMM program exceeded my expectations on the benefits to my current role. Learning with experience is so different than my undergrad experience at Purdue. Refreshing my accounting and finance skills was very important to me, but the other classes also added to my capabilities. It has been years since I graduated and the relationships I created during the program with classmates, professors and the Purdue Foundry remain strong.

The Purdue Foundry is a resource for Purdue students, faculty, and alumni to get advice on becoming an entrepreneur. As a student in the EMBA or IMM Global EMBA program, you can connect with the Purdue Foundry to help turn your ideas into a business.