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Jennifer Killian

Owner, Veterinarian
Newaygo Veterinary Services
EMBA Class of 2020

Being a business owner and a mother, the structure of the Purdue EMBA residencies was very attractive to me. Other programs are shorter, yet more frequent and that would not work as well with my schedule. I also feel that the longer residencies will allow for a more in-depth learning experience and development of team relationships.

I was also very impressed that the students play an active role in decisions about their learning experience -- from selecting their electives to deciding on the international residency location as a group. Knowing that I will dictate the direction of my education in this program gives me confidence that I will reap the desired benefits that apply to my specific career path.

Lastly, I was very fortunate to get a feel for the Purdue experience through the Veterinary Practice Management Program. Through those modules, I was able to appreciate the structure of the learning environment, the hospitality and dedication of the program staff members and the relevance of the material taught.”