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Course Schedule and Fees

Group at Purdue vet teaching hospital

One Curriculum. Two Options.

  • The VPMP curriculum is conveniently organized into four on-campus weekend modules.
  • Modules are spaced out over a one-and-a-half-year period, or they can be taken in an accelerated half-year schedule.
  • Participants who choose the traditional one-and-a-half-year schedule are enrolled in a "cohort" so they can take the modules as a group, learning together and forming a long-lasting support network. The modules are scheduled in a sequence that is most advantageous to the participants, beginning with human resources and concluding with strategic thinking.
  • The accelerated schedule makes it possible to complete the four modules in a half year, but follows a different sequence of topics and involves switching between cohorts.

We now are accepting registration for a new cohort (Cohort 31), starting in September 2020:

Cohort 31

  • Sept. 24-27, 2020 — Developing and Leading Your Veterinary Team
  • Jan. 21-24, 2021 — Veterinary Practice Financials: Learning Where to Start
  • Oct. 8-10, 2021 — Marketing and Social Media for Your Veterinary Clinic
  • Feb. 10-13, 2022 — Strategic Thinking: Creating a Plan for Loyalty and Growth

Those who choose the accelerated schedule also would begin in September with Cohort 31, but they would change cohorts to complete the program within six months, as follows:

  • Sept. 24-27, 2020 (Cohort 31) — Developing and Leading Your Veterinary Team
  • Oct. 9-11, 2020 (Cohort 30) — Marketing and Social Media for your Veterinary Clinic
  • Jan. 21-24, 2021 (Cohort 31) — Veterinary Practice Financials: Learning Where to Start
  • Feb. 4-7, 2021 (Cohort 30) — Strategic Thinking: Creating a Plan for Loyalty and Growth

Individuals who missed a module or have other extenuating circumstances and who need to sign up for one or more modules individually may do so through the registration page.

To learn more about enrolling in a cohort and completing the modules, email

Program Fees

You may sign up for either the traditional or accelerated schedule of the complete four-module program for $7,000. Register by August 14, 2020 to get the early bird discount. 

Contact for more information.

Applicable Reduced Rates

Purdue University alumni and Purdue Veterinary Medicine staff, faculty and students qualify for reduced rates. Please contact Brian Grimes at either 765-494-1554 or for more information. Also, past participants can repeat any module for half of the regular module fee.

Alumni Referral

If you've completed the VPMP program in the past and would like to refer a colleague, please complete our alumni referral form. Individuals referred through a professional development alum receive a 10% scholarship toward their own program fees.