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Finding Wellness in the Veterinary Industry: The Value of Taking a Bubble Break

November 4, 2021

The simple activity of blowing bubbles can provide individuals and teams with an easy way in which to connect to themselves and each other. Thereby helping to manage the challenges of the daily stress of working in a veterinary hospital.  In learning to share this resource we can all experience the value toward mental well-being in participating in fun yet simple activity of “Take a Bubble Break”.

This webinar was hosted by Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson, who has served the veterinary field for over 20 years. Her unique experience has given her a strong understanding of the stresses in the veterinary industry which can lead to a lack of fulfillment in the profession. Dr. Pope has recognized that she has the ability to help others find the path to stay connected with their life's passion through their career.

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 When is Low Cash Generation Dangerous? Understanding the Cash Flow Characteristics of Firms Within the Veterinary Services Industry

 September 22, 2021

While all firms seek to generate sustainable cash flows from their operations, this is not always possible.  This is particularly true for firms in the early stages of their lifecycles.  In this webinar Professor Kevin Koharki examines the cash flow characteristics of certain firms within the veterinary services industry to determine if they are currently generating enough internal cash flows to expand their businesses or whether external financing will be required (and if so, how much capital may be necessary).   

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4 Elements Every Crucial Conversation Should Have: Practical Tools for Knowing What to Say and How to Say It

 June 29, 2021

Veterinary clinics face numerous unique challenges that lead to team conflict and dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics. Now more than ever, veterinary leaders and managers must be skilled at confronting performance and interpersonal problems without exacerbating them. Dr. Ben Dunford hosts this webinar where he introduces hands-on tools that will enable participants to become more effective in crucial conversations to enhance interpersonal relationships and productivity.

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Digital Marketing in a Post-COVID Era

April 29, 2021

In partnership with digital marketing expert Bill Schroeder, this webinar discusses lessons learned during the pandemic, and how to prepare your practice for a “Post-COVID” economy. Learn about evaluating your practice’s social media content, understanding effective email marketing, exploring pay-per-click marketing opportunities, and more.

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Lessons From the Pandemic: What the New "Normal" Could Look Like for Veterinary Practices

March 11, 2021

Veterinary practices have been racked by the coronavirus pandemic, subsequent widespread quarantine and various COVID-19 business restrictions. The adaptability of veterinary practices across the nation has been the key to continuing care to their patients, support to their employees, and hope within their communities. The larger economy has also been shaken and changed by pandemic driven adjustments. As we look ahead to a new normal and life after the pandemic, some of these business adjustments will prove permanent. Dr. Logan Jordan, Professor of Strategic Thinking in Purdue University's Veterinary Practice Management Program. leads a wide-ranging discussion with a panel of veterinary business leaders who discuss what changes might, in fact, be here to stay, and how practices might best catch the wave of a post pandemic business recovery. 

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Do Your Clients Trust You? Why Trust Is Critical for Your Practice

October 13, 2020

 A recent article in Forbes magazine talked about the importance of trust between doctors and patients in the context of the Ebola crisis in the Congo. It reports that local patients often do not trust American doctors despite the fact that they bring drugs that can help alleviate the disease. While these doctors emphasize their medical expertise, they cannot convince the patients that they care about them. The author of this research is Professor David Schoorman, who is the lead instructor in our Veterinary Practice Management Program (VPMP).

In this webinar, Professor Schoorman talks about the importance of being seen as trustworthy by your clients and also by your staff. Learn about the factors that lead to trust and some behaviors you should develop to increase the trust that you have with your clients.

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Today's Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips All Vet Professionals Should Know

March 5, 2020

Many practices understand that digital communications and marketing can be an outstanding way to begin and sustain relationships with local pet owners. However, few truly understand how to execute such effectively. During this webinar we examined the most effective strategies and techniques that veterinarians need to understand. If you are interested in meeting local pet owners, protecting your online reputation, and creating content that Google finds attractive, you should view this webinar to learn proven techniques and easy to apply principles.

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What Next? How to Survive and Thrive During the Wave of Vet Clinic Consolidation

January 9, 2020

Local vet clinics around the country are challenged to communicate their value as they compete with large chains and consolidated practices.  Many independent practices are asking if they should stay independent or embrace the trend and seek a buyer. While the price of services is important, other factors surprisingly dominate the choice of veterinary clinic. During this session, Purdue University’s Dr. Logan Jordan provides an overview of the vet industry merger trends and guide participants in understanding how they can continue to provide and communicate their value to their clients. 

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Should We Buy That New X-Ray Machine? - And Other Questions That Keep Us Up At Night 

November 8, 2019

Dr. Amanda Thompson will walk you through all the aspects of the decision-making process of a capital expense. With her help, you’ll be able to identify the funding needed, estimate the return on investment, and prepare the recommendation to the practice owners — all without needing a finance background!

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