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The combination of lecturers and then small group work solidifies the concepts. Since the class size is small, you really feel like you know your classmates by the end of the module.

— Jennie Killian

Courses Overview

The courses in Purdue's Veterinary Practice Management Program include developing and leading your team, veterinary practice financials, marketing and social media, and strategic thinking. Experienced faculty members who are knowledgeable about the business aspects of veterinary medicine, teach the courses, which are designed to improve participants' decision-making skills and job performance. 

The courses also will provide management techniques and tools; will share training and planning skills essential for long-term, strategic thinking; and will help develop a better understanding of issues facing the veterinary businesses.

A wonderful program for Anyone who wants to take their practice from good to great. You also will get a ton of really great ideas that you are easily able to implement right away.

— Jayme Richardson