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I found it very advantageous to have myself and my practice manager attend the sessions as a pair. This way, we were able to work together and learn together.

— Jennie Killian


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Will I Learn in VPMP?

    You will strengthen your skills and gain a better understanding of veterinary-specific challenges through four modules, each focusing on a crucial topic. They cover developing and leading your team, veterinary practice financials, marketing and social media, and strategic thinking. This graduate-level instruction from experienced experts knowledgeable about veterinary business, in an optimal learning environment on Purdue's campus will better equip you to develop the business side of your practice. You also will develop strong connections with other veterinary professionals. Gain the business savvy you need to run a profitable practice, ensuring that you and your team can continue the work you love: caring for animals.

  • What Are VPMP's Other Benefits?

    • Learn from instructors who have up to 30 years of experience teaching veterinary professionals. These master teachers have collected extensive data about the veterinary medical marketplace during that time, which they utilize in teaching knowledge and new skills specific to the veterinary medical profession.
    • Benefit from veterinary-specific case-based learning — studies, focus groups, real-life examples and data — to answer common practice questions.
    • Receive a professional development program certificate of completion from Purdue University.
    • As a VPMP alum, you can retake any module in the future for half price.
    • If you complete this program and then enroll in a Purdue executive MBA program within 24 months, we'll deduct the amount you paid for the certificate program from the cost of the degree program.
  • What Are the Prerequisites for this Program?

    Purdue's Veterinary Practice Management Program is tailored for veterinarians, veterinary practice technicians and technologists, veterinary students, veterinary industry professionals, and practice/clinic managers. There is no minimum work experience necessary to enroll as a VPMP participant, and an undergraduate degree is not required.
  • Can I Take This Program Online?

    The program is not offered online because the instruction modules are designed to leverage the benefits of learning together on Purdue's campus, making it more effective than an online program. Participants meet in the Krannert Center for Executive Education and Research and other campus facilities in West Lafayette, Indiana. This approach also enables participants to interact with, and learn from, fellow veterinary professionals while forming a long-lasting support network.
  • What is Included in the Tuition?

    • Instruction from top faculty and guest speakers.
    • Class materials.
    • Breakfast, lunch and snacks each day.
    • Networking receptions.
    • Campus parking pass.
    • Free coffee!
  • What is Not Included in Tuition?

    Lodging is not included in the program fee. Participants can reserve rooms at a nearby hotel. Lodging options closest to campus include:

  • Will I Be Certified As a Veterinary Practice Manager at the End of the Program?

    VPMP participants receive continuing education credits for completion of each module. If you satisfactorily complete all four modules, you will receive a Veterinary Practice Management Program Certificate from the Krannert School of Management and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue. All VPMP courses are applicable toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association. However, you will not receive certification as a veterinary practice manager through VPMP.