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The Leadership Excellence and Gender Symposium

The inaugural Leadership Excellence and Gender Symposium was held during March 28-30, 2016. The goal of the conference was to help enhance Purdue’s reputation as a thought leader in bridging research to practice by bring leading scholars and industry experts, and academics from a national and international community to Krannert and Purdue. We had 67 registered attendees (most of whom submitted research abstracts as this was a general requirement to attend) from 38 universities and 7 countries outside the U.S. We had 10 key note speakers (5 distinguished national academic scholars and 5 industry experts from major national corporations (IBM, PWC, GE, Accenture, Paypal) and sponsorship from Land of Lakes. We received extremely positive and enthusiastic feedback from the attendees. We limited attendance due to budget and space constraints and the conference objectives of promoting learning and intimate dialogue in a conducive setting. Consequently, we had to reject several dozen more national and international participants so attendance was slightly competitive and limited to better quality papers.The conference was organized by Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek, Basil S. Turner Professor in the Krannert School of Management and Research Director of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence. Her team included Dr. KyungHee Lee, Sherry Fisher of Krannert and many co-organizers from the Butler Center, Krannert WIM, Purdue ADVANCE, Women’s Studies, the College of Technology and Center for Diversity and Inclusion. A panel on Career Agility including business leaders and academics was held the night before the conference that was open to the Purdue community and was attended by Krannert students, some of whom were also involved as hosts and volunteers at the conference.

We are building and disseminating content from the symposium as an on-going programmic enhancement and developing new practical and scholarly visibility and knowledge to leverage the symposium to reach more people. Besides enhancing the reputation of Krannert and the bringing of many new constituencies to Purdue and Krannert, here are programmic outcomes.

  1. Web links: some symposium contents including video interviews with the keynote speakers and Purdue experts can be viewed on our website. About 40 scholarly papers from the 38 universities and 8 countries were presented in breakout sessions. The abstracts are published with doi through Purdue e-Pub.
  2. Scholarly referred journal. The authors of the papers were encouraged to submit their papers to a special issue of Human Resource Management, Women’s career Equality and Leadership in Organizations: Creating Evidence-based Positive Change. Dr. Ellen Ernst Kossek and Dr. Patrice Buzzanell are editing this journal.
  3. Launching Book and Purdue University Press Series on Closing the Gender Gap. Using content from the thought leaders in keynote sessions, we will launch a book edited by Dr. Kossek and Dr. Lee entitled Closing the Gender Gap: Advancing Leadership and Organizations (also in ebook form). Each chapter will have a doi that will be picked up on the web by google scholar. The tentative table of contents is attached. This volume, tentatively to be published by Purdue University Press, will be used as the first in a new series Dr. Kossek and Dr. Buzzanell are also going to manage. Our plan is for the new series to include future content not only from the research symposium but other Purdue conferences such as the Purdue Pretenure conference as well as other groups on and external to campus.
  4. Future Bi-annual Research Symposium (and possible auxiliary events)

We are currently exploring many options for the future of the symposium. While it was a great success, Currently, we plan to hold the symposium in its current form every 2 years and we are working to organize dates and could use help with systematizing resources as the conference cost about $40,000 inclusive. In odd years, we are exploring working with centers on campus such as the Jane Brock Wilson, Butler and other groups to develop a smaller yet important thought leader event involving experts such as a think-tank which then can connect to the next symposium or Road shows to take some of the outputs to locations to augment West Lafayette presence. The academic conference was also highly successful and likely will be replicated, , given the content can be linked to new journals and books and web knowledge sharing.