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Forthcoming Publications

  • Kannan, K., Rahman, M., and Tawarmalani, M (2016). Implications of Restricted Patch Distribution. Management Science,
  • Hashim, M., Kannan, K., and Maximiano, S (2016). Information Feedback, Targeting, and Coordination: An Experimental Study. Information Systems Research,

Journal Articles

  • Overby, E., and Kannan, K (2015). Reduced Search Costs Bidder Distribution Auctions. Management Science, vol. 61 (6), 1398-1420.
  • Sha, Z., Kannan, K., and Panchal, J (2015). Behavioral Experimentation and Game Theory in Engineering Systems Design. Journal of Mechanical Design, vol. 137 (5),
  • Hashim, M., Kannan, K., Maximiano, S., and Rees, J (2014). Digital Piracy, Teens, and the Source of Advice: An Experimental Study. Journal of Management Information Systems, vol. 31 (2), 211-244.
  • Wang, T., Kannan, K., and Rees, J (2013). The Textual Contents of Media Reports of Information Security Breaches and Profitable Short-Term Investment Opportunities. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, vol. 23 (3), 200-223.
  • Wang, T., Kannan, K., and Rees, J (2013). The Association between the Disclosure and the Realization of Information Security Risk Factors. Information Systems Research, vol. 24 (2), 201-218.
  • Kim, A., Balachander, S., and Kannan, K (2012). Optimal Number of Slots in Search Auctions. Marketing Letters, vol. 23 (3), 851-868.
  • Kannan (2012). Effects of Revelation Policies under Cost Uncertainty. Information Systems Research, vol. 23 (1), 75-92.
  • Cason, T., Kannan, K., and Siebert, R (2011). An Experimental Study of Information Revelation Policies in Sequential Auctions. Management Science, vol. 57 (4), 667-688.
  • Kannan (2010). Declining Prices in Sequential Auctions with Complete Revelation of Bids. Economic Letters, vol. 108 (1),
  • Kannan (2010). Effects of Revelation Policies under Cost Uncertainty. Information Systems Research,
  • Balachandar, Kannan, & Schwartz (2010). A Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Alternate Auction Policies for Search Advertisements. Review of Marketing Science, vol. 7 (1),
  • Greenwald, A., Kannan, K., and Krishnan, R. (2009). On Evaluating Information Revelation Policies in E-marketplaces: A Markov Decision Process Approach. Information Systems Research, vol. 20 (4),
  • Tawarmalani, M., Kannan, K., and De, P. (2009). Allocating Objects in a Network of Caches: Centralized and Decentralized Analyses. Management Science, vol. 55 (1),
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  • Kannan, K., & Telang, R. (2005). Market for Vulnerabilities? Think Again. Management Science, vol. 51 (5), 726-740.