Industrial Organization in Context: Updates and discussion topics, 2010.

February 2006 Dagher, May 2010 American Needle

Dagher is discussed on slides 25-30 of the slides 361S10Coop.pdf.

A short set of slides for American Needle: pdf, Scientific Workplace.

April 2010 DOJ/FTC Proposed Horizontal Merger Guidelines; the Guidelines themselves were issued 19 August 2010.

A short set of slides on the 2010 Proposed HMGs: pdf, Scientific Workplace; figure 22.1 with ΔH = 200 line inserted: eps, pdf.

April, May 2010 Vertical Restraints Block Exemption, Motor Vehicle Regulation

A short set of slides: pdf, Scientific Workplace;

June 2010 Bilski v. Kappos

A short set of slides: pdf, Scientific Workplace;

August 2010 Two newspaper stores touching on intellectual property rights that might usefully be related to material in Chapter 15:

"A Man With Muffin Secrets, but No Job With Them", by William Neuman, New York Times 6 August 2010: discussing an example of secrecy as a way of protecting intellectual property;
"The Music-Copyright Enforcers", by John Bowe, New York Times Magazine 6 August 2010: discussing BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated).

Uwe Reinhardt's 27 August 2010 New York Times Economix Blog "When value judgments masquerade as science" nicely supplements the IOIC discussion of the Kaldor-Hicks rule (pp. 33-34).

This reporting by Alex Blumberg and Laura Sydell, broadcast on This American Life, "When patents attack," goes well with the discussion in Section 15.6 of intellectual property rights.