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Course Description

Understanding Italy: Managerial and Entreprenerial Implications

The course provides access to knowledge and skills related to launching and building new ventures and transforming them into viable, sustainable and valuable business models for either established firms or start-ups. The course will be focused of the characteristics of the Italian managerial and entrepreneurial scenario.

The objective is enhancing knowledge about the economic potential, business rules and regulatory frameworks surrounding the Italian – and European - business environment.

Italy has undergone a deep transformation over the last decades and its economic scenario presents strong characteristics due to the presence of many SMEs and family businesses. Moreover, we could not observe the Italian scenario without linking it to the importance of Italy being part of the European Union. Within the last years the EU has been in an expansion phase thanks to new entry nations.

Additionally, there was a recovery in the European economy because of the increase of employment rates and the extensive reforms made in the new European Union. Due to the market size and its economic value, knowledge and understanding of its business rules and regulatory framework is of relevant professional enhancement for global managers.

This course addresses the questions of entrepreneurship as a different management style and how entrepreneurial firms can be organized for sustainable growth, of particular interest for those students who are planning to start a new venture or take over an existing one and useful in understanding the role of an investor in new ventures.

The following topics will be covered:
• Managing Business in Italy and in the EU: a multicultural analysis
• Entrepreneurial Strategy
• Business Modelling and Value Innovation
• Business Planning

Each day, industry representatives will be invited to underline the competitive environment, opportunities and threats, and main aspects of their relative sectors. In particular, LUISS aims to present to Krannert students industries representing the core activities in the Italian economy.