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Students studying abroad in Paris
Short-Term Study Abroad
International Marketing: Dealing with Diversity

International Marketing: Dealing with Diversity

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Paris, France

Program Dates: March 15-21, 2020
Program Type: Short Term Study Abroad
Eligibility: Krannert Master Students
Course Credits: 1 credit hour (P/NP)

$2200 (excluding airfare) + $32 Insurance (provided by Purdue) = $2232 Total

*$500 non-refundable deposit required

Language Requirements: English
Application Deadline: Contact program leader
Contact: John Lewandowski

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International Marketing: Dealing with Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is the major European challenge: trade barriers have disappeared, cultural barriers have not. Companies willing to expand in Europe need first to observe and understand the dominant cultural traits for each region and perceive the main differences that should be considered for the design of a marketing plan. One needs to adapt all the components of the marketing mix: product design, communication, and distribution.


This course comprises two parts. In part one, the focus is placed on European cultural traits to provide the participants with a better understanding of consumer behavior and values as well as business attitudes in the region. In part two, a series of case studies are presented and discussed to analyze marketing strategies implemented in Europe in order to identify success factors.

Paris. City of lights. City of love. City of art. City of dreams.

Home to the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Paris is a city of history, beauty and culture. A one-week visit is barely time to investigate the most common destinations, let alone discover hidden treasures.

But one week with us and you can expect to return home filled with memories, stories of discovery and a true appreciation for Parisian culture. And college credits. How many people do you know who can weave credits into their vacation?

Our agenda is full, our time at a premium, but each class, every appointment and each leg of our trek is designed to blend coursework - the reason for the trip - with the trip of a lifetime.

Credits earned. Deeper understanding. Cultural experience. Personal growth. This is what learning should be for everyone.