Crossing cultures

In addition to day trips to the India operations of Infosys Technologies and Delphi, project work is balanced with opportunities to learn more about Indian culture through weekend visits to Mysore Palace, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. TVS also facilitates dinners with local families and hosts an evening of traditional music and dance.

It’s a demanding schedule by design.

“While the program focuses on developing practical application of academic theory, we also hope to help students build personal character that can take form only when they are removed from their comfort zone,” Pilotte says.

Company Visits

Visits to the Bangalore operations of such global companies as InfosysTechnologies and Delphi further exposed students to Indian business culture and practices. (Photo by Heather Owens)

“Our goal is to help students develop as global citizens while also developing meaningful rigor within their resumes.”

For members of this year’s cohort, that combination created the learning experience of a lifetime. “I liked the elevated level of adventure and pressure associated with coming into an unfamiliar situation with high performance expectations,” Owens says.

“I finally appreciate what a tremendous role India will play in the next 30 years of global economic growth. The culture is vibrant and resilient, and the sheer fact that India has already become such a large international player without what I would consider to be a sufficient infrastructure is an indication of the country’s true potential given continued investment and development.”

“Our goal is to help students develop as global citizens.”

Tvedt says, “India is the 10th-largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth-largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. As business continues to become more global, it is imperative for American managers to understand the role India will play in the future and how they can capitalize on the country’s rapid growth.”

At the same time, internationally savvy firms like TVS will continue to capitalize on the partnerships they’ve built with American business schools. Plans are already under way for the 2012 cohort, and membership in a GSCMI TVS India Internship group on LinkedIn is being expanded to facilitate networking and professional development.

“TVS looks forward to reaching out to Krannert alumni who have participated in the program,” Pilotte says. “As the company and its subsidiaries have employment opportunities across the globe, they can connect to a pool of known, proven candidates.”

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