It seems no time since Tim Newton was saying to me, “I need your first dean’s message for Krannert Magazine.” That was one year ago and I wrote a second report for the online spring edition. It is just like being a syndicated columnist — except they have to write a column three times a week and I do it two times a year.

As you likely know by now, Chris Earley arrives here from the University of Connecticut on November 1 to serve as the new dean of Krannert. The year in the interim dean’s role has flown by both because I was so busy and because time flies when you’re having fun, which I was.

Even though I have been at Krannert for nearly 30 years, you get to know students, faculty and alums on a better basis as a dean and that has been informative and rewarding.

Jerry Lynch

Jerry Lynch, Krannert's interim dean and a professor of economics.

In late May I visited alumni in Chicago and we had a reception that evening that was incredibly well attended by alums spanning over 40 years of graduation dates. Despite the differences in ages and stages of life, there was a great bond shared by the participants based on their Krannert experience.

In my short time as dean, alumni have pledged nearly $2.5 million in scholarship money. I hope that the recipients of scholarships would both appreciate the alumni gifts and be inspired by their example to carry out a life of charitable giving to many important causes. We hope that all of our shared Krannert experiences make us not only great employees and leaders but also great citizens. I have seen that all year in the current and former students I have met, and it is one more reason I have been proud to serve as Krannert dean for these last 16 months.

In this magazine you will find a number of other reasons that you and I should both be proud. We feature one of our great professors, John McConnell, who brings the fruits of his research into the classroom as evidenced by winning his third Salgo Noren Award for outstanding teaching. We also tell about our master’s students interning in the important emerging market of India. And we feature Brad Krites, a Krannert student who joined our 3+2 program, which allows him to earn both an undergraduate degree and MBA in five years. There’s a lot to digest — read and enjoy.