Doster Leadership Forum

Team-building activities are a hallmark of the Doster Leadership Forum. (Photo provided by SMC)

“The sponsor showcase on Sunday was the culmination of the networking that took place throughout the weekend,” McPherson says. “We like to call it interactive recruiting. Instead of a traditional career fair where you hand someone a resume and talk for a couple minutes, the forum allows recruiters to see how students interact within a team and in front of a crowd.

Doster Leadership Forum

The 2011 Doster Forum culminated with a sponsor showcase on the final day of the weekend-long event. (Photo provided by SMC)

“We have a lot of success stories from participants who secured summer internships. It’s a great opportunity to build strong connections because you’re around people with similar interests.”

Participant Chris Blaney (BSM ‘13), who also received a Barbara G. Doster Positive Attitude Award scholarships, says the forum helped expand his academic and professional horizons.

“Being a successful leader is directly linked to how you relate to others,” Blaney says. “The speakers and team-building activities helped me learn the importance of utilizing everyone’s talents and how to motivate people to maximize their potential. Those are lessons I’ll keep for the rest of my life.”

Featured speakers were Bill Benner, senior associate commissioner of external affairs for the Horizon League, an NCAA Division I athletics conference; Denny Faurote, a professional trainer, consultant, executive coach and president of The Faurote Group; Tom Reiter, assistant athletic director for Purdue’s Office of Sports Administration; and Anthony Cawdron, events coordinator and house manager at Westwood, the official residence of Purdue President France A. Córdova.

Accenture, CNH Capital, Eli Lilly, Exact Target, General Motors and Shell sponsored the 2011 forum, which also was supported by matching donations from Bristol-Myers Squibb, General Mills and IBM.

Planning already is under way for the next forum, led by new co-chairs John Ertl and Ashley Deutsch, who served on the 2011 committee chaired by Norris and McPherson.

“The general format of the forum usually stays the same, but we make tweaks and adjustments to improve it each time we transition to new co-chairs,” Norris says. “We’re confident that our 2013 BGDLF committee will make it the best one yet.”

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