Jerry Lynch

Jerry Lynch is Krannert's interim dean and a professor of economics. (Photo by Mark Simons)


We often focus on the academic accomplishments of our students, but a recent report, “The National Survey of Engagement,” has given us insight into more of the whole student at Krannert compared with others at Purdue University.

Eighty percent of our students make class presentations. That is 22 percent higher than the average student at the University. We think this is an important part of developing the whole student and are pleased to see numbers that high –– but there is still some room for improvement.

A number of years ago we started the Undergraduate Management Communications Center to help students with their preparation, and that continues to be active on the third floor in the new Webster Undergraduate Programs Suite.

In addition to making presentations, we think it is important for students to learn how to work in teams. When I was in grade school we used to get a grade on “works and plays well with others.” That concept is even more important today than it was in our youth (we don’t need to go into how long ago that was).

Ninety-three percent of our students have worked in teams on a project, which is 17 percent higher than other students at the University. That has an added dimension for us, as just over 64 percent of our students have had a serious discussion with people of a different race or ethnicity about their differences, and 62 percent believe that was encouraged by the atmosphere in the school. There is room for improvement –– but it is also heartening.

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