Everywhere I turned, there seemed to be another avenue to connect with student entrepreneurs. As former president and current publicity director of Purdue Innovations, an organization created by students in the certificate program, I have had the opportunity to invite speakers and host socials that allow members to network and learn from one another.

I am also the current resident assistant for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning Community, a program for incoming freshmen who share an interest in entrepreneurship, live on the same residence hall floor and take several classes together. Through this opportunity, I am able to help 50 budding entrepreneurs work on their business plans and projects or simply bounce new ideas off one another. It’s amazing to see the passion these 18-year-olds have for the program and their dreams of having their own companies one day.

I am now in the process of starting a company, and even if it doesn’t come to fruition, the experience is one of the most valuable I’ll take away from my years at Purdue. I feel well-prepared for any challenge that comes my way, whether it’s launching a company or working for someone else. I know I have the tools to innovate and to succeed.

Participating in the certificate program truly changed my college experience, and the people I’ve met through the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship and the Krannert School have made a difference in my life. You don’t find these opportunities on many college campuses, so it is a privilege to attend Purdue and take advantage of the unique resources it offers to those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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