Charlene Sullivan

Charlene Sullivan was named Krannert's associate dean of undergraduate programs in November 2011.

Main Street Management

Charlene Sullivan invigorates the undergrad experience

When commenting on Krannert’s 16-spot jump in the most recent Bloomberg Businessweek undergraduate rankings to tie its highest rating in seven years, Charlene Sullivan, the school’s new associate dean of undergraduate programs, is quick to praise the fine efforts that led to the improvement.

“We owe a very special thanks to the many people in our advising and placement offices for all the one-on-one work that they do with our students,” she says.

Sullivan, who has served as a finance professor at Krannert for nearly 35 years, is also quick to challenge herself and those around her to do even better.

“It is vitally important for us to have a well-ranked undergraduate program. The recruiting environment for prospective business students is very competitive, and it’s always a battle to get the best and brightest,” she says. “Scholarship money only goes so far; to attract and graduate higher-quality students, we need to provide higher-quality teaching.”

Indeed, getting to the bottom line has always been the goal for Sullivan, who throughout her career has kept her focus not on Wall Street, but Main Street. Her common sense, applied approach to business has proven successful both in and out of the classroom.

The recipient of numerous teaching awards and a longtime member of the Teaching Academy and the University Senate, Sullivan has also earned accolades for her work in the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) and Purdue’s Speakers Bureau.

In her latest role, Sullivan is charged with invigorating the undergraduate student environment at Krannert through initiatives such as an expansion of international and experiential learning opportunities. She also is working to ensure that the school’s undergraduate curriculum remains vibrant and progressive by leveraging its strength in analytical, quantitative business insight.  

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