MBA student Brittany Hill hopes to make a splash overseas

Born and raised in Alaska, Brittany Hill has lived and worked in places as far-flung as New Orleans, France and South Korea. Now Hill (MBA ’12) has her professional sights set on a career in international business.

Brittany Hill

Brittany Hill

The chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives through business has long been a motivating factor for Hill. She worked for nearly five years as an assistant project accountant at CERES Environmental in New Orleans. There, after Hurricane Katrina, she helped communicate complex accounting relief procedures to subcontractors.

“It was incredible to see how people helped themselves and how we could be involved,” she says of her work with the disaster-relief company.

Having lived in France in high school, Hill went to South Korea to teach English in 2009. She wanted to decide, now as an adult, if she wanted to live overseas. She applied to Krannert while in South Korea.

Hill wasn’t completely surprised by the Krannert program in her first year. She expected and appreciated the diversity of her cohort. She was a bit shocked by the workload.

“I never worked so hard in my life,” Hill says. “I graduated in six semesters as an undergrad. My senior year I took 21 and 24 credits each semester and worked full time. And I have never worked like I work here. I feel like it’s a little bit of breaking you down and building you back up at Krannert.”

Having made it through the first module, Hill is now tailoring her classes and activities to correlate with her professional goals. She’s a co-president of the Management Volunteer Program (MVP), where she helps direct students to on- and off-campus service opportunities while also organizing fundraisers. She traveled to Brazil over the summer as part of a Global Business Project in conjunction with Procter & Gamble. And after returning from South America, she completed a summer internship at Amway in Michigan.

Hill, who is nearly fluent in French, also has studied Portuguese and Spanish and can speak conversational Korean. That worldliness has already positioned her for an international job in operations.

“I’ve accepted a full-time role with Amway’s Global Logistics department, where I will support the company’s Latin American and/or Asian Pacific operations,” Hill says. “It will include travel and hopefully lead to an ex-pat role in time.”

But ever the globetrotter, she has a couple more stops before starting work.

“I’m studying at GISMA, the German wing of Krannert, during the fourth module,” Hill says. “Then I’m heading to Uganda for six weeks immediately following graduation.”